vendredi 27 février 2015

Teeth (Reptiles and Mammals)

1- Reptiles

Fossil teeth: 

a: tubules of the dentine of Carcharodontosaurus are filled with sediment while the dentinal tissue has been dissolved. b: vertical section in Machimosaurus showing the thin aprismatic enamel and the dentine. c: inner prismatic enamel and outer aprismatic enamel of a tooth of Stenosaurus. d: micro-ornamentation of the outer surface of a tooth of Protoceratops. e: outer view of the regular serrations of a tooth of Velociraptor.

Left: chemical composition of the enamel layer. Right: chemical composition of the dentine layer.

Mammal like reptile: 

Outer view (left)) and vertical section (right) showing the prismatic enamel of Oligokyphus

2- Mammals

 Enamel and dentine - Sus scrofa

 Enamel - Meriones incisor

Mg contents of some modern Rodent teeth